Have you been wanting to learn more about Foreign Exchange in a one-on-one learning environment?

Do you understand the basics of FX trading but need help with some of the more advanced concepts?

Have you been continuously trading at a loss?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions, it’s time you re-evaluate your Forex Trading approach.

To help you achieve your goals and become an expert Foreign Exchange Trader, Adrian Jones offers 1 on 1 personal Forex tutoring every Saturday. Each tutorial runs for 2 hours, with Adrian Jones himself, a veteran trader who has over 30 years international banking experience. 

The personal tutoring sessions are perfect for someone wanting to learn the very basics of Foreign Exchange at their own pace or the experienced FX trader who is looking to refine their Forex skills.

You provide Adrian with the topics that you would like to learn more about so that we can tailor the session to suit your requirements and expertise.  You will have total control over what you learn, from basic trading techniques to advanced strategies. 

All sessions are held at a convenient location around the Sydney CBD on Saturdays, between 9.30am and 5pm (Adrian will work with you to schedule a date and time that suits you). Students may purchase as many two hour sessions as required. Adrian is a fully accredited professional (RG146), operating under an AFSL licence.

Book your two hour personal tutoring session with Adrian Jones, TODAY!