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Non Farm Payrolls or Friday Night Lotto.

The markets are focused on next weeks’ NFP numbers in the U.S as the “make or break” decision for a much anticipated rate hike.

Is this really the confirmation the Fed needs to pull the trigger?

Surely not, there are bigger fish to fry.

The markets (and the Fed) are looking for excuses to do nothing until the election results are in.

Talk about 2 underwhelming Candidates. Which way will America vote.

Hillary, with all her experience in political office, can she deliver on her economic policies of Economic Growth, Fair Growth and Long Term Growth. You would think she already has Foreign Policy down pat, despite Donald’s call of the commencement of WW3 in Syria should Hillary win.

Donald, on the other hand, says he will create 25 million new jobs over 10 years. Create a pro-growth tax plan, an America first trade policy and an unleashed American energy plan. Not to mention boosting growth by 3.5% per year on average.

Could this be a “Brexit” like scenario in the making?

Meanwhile, markets continue to jump at shadows.

Adrian Jones