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August 2016

Brexit Turmoil

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Britain’s surprise historic decision to leave the EU left currency markets in turmoil.

The uncertainty factor saw risk sold across the board as Markets digested the unexpected move, with Sterling hitting new lows of 1.2775, its lowest since 1985.

Currencies, oil and stocks markets were extremely volatile and fell victim as a result, as did PM David Cameron who promptly resigned.

The clear winner was Gold, rallying to $1,360.

In the ensuing weeks, all markets returned to normality, GBP rallied, as did the stock markets.

The issues now are recession, or no recession, immigration and new trade agreements. Not to mention the UK has lost its AAA rating.

Uncertainty in the UK, could develop into falling house prices and job cuts as business activity declines.

One thing is certain, volatility in Currency Markets will prevail, so let’s navigate your Foreign Exchange journey together.

You are in safe hands.

Adrian Jones