Learn how to trade Forex
from an accredited expert
with over 30 years real-trading experience.

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Train with the experts

Adrian Jones doesn’t just understand the trading strategies the Big Banks use – he helped create them. Adrian has traded FX at some of the world’s most prestigious banking institutions and has over 30 years of global FX Trading experience. He is one of Australia’s foremost experts on currency trading, and is ready to teach you the skills, tools and discipline of a successful veteran trader.

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 A comprehensive FX course

Adrian’s FX Trading 101 is a two day intensive course which will teach you the mechanics of trading FX, as well as trade selection, trade psychology and the practices that will make you a complete FX trader. Over two days, Adrian will teach you the strategies and skills he’s learned over 30 years in the wholesale banking markets to ensure you leave with the tools you need to trade with confidence.

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 For all skill levels

FX Trading 101 requires no assumed knowledge. Adrian starts from the beginning and instills in you the discipline, trading fundamentals and risk management skills you need to trade FX with confidence. The course is delivered in a boutique tutorial setting, and class sizes are capped at 10 students so that you receive personal instruction and tuition.

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Student Testimonials

Bann A | Wiley Park, Sydney

I was recently made redundant from my job of 7 years in September 2016 and I was looking at ways of earning income on the side and FX trading was an area that interested me. Unfortunately, I had already been lured into other programmes that had set me back more than $5000 for a 3 day workshop that required no previous knowledge of FX Trading. That programme was so frustrating as I didn’t learn anything for such an expensive cost.

In Adrian’s 2 day workshop I was able to learn about FX trading in more depth and for less than half the price!

It’s clear that Adrian is very passionate about this field and has superb knowledge that is beyond admirable. Adrian, you act with integrity irrespective of personal gain as that’s your principle in your teaching methods. I would like to thank you for your time, honesty. The best FX trading seminar that I attended.

Albert L | Chatswood, Sydney

I attended the 22/23 October workshop which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have had an interest in trading forex for some years without any success.

The class was interactive and as a learner with little risk management skills, Adrian and his team showed me where I was going wrong. I wish I had found this course earlier.

I really did enjoy the anecdotes and cautions that come with forex trading. It made the content more “real” and engaging. The real examples did reinforce the main concepts, especially the discipline and research required to trade.

The workshop was enjoyable and well structured. I got a lot out of this course and will apply what I have learnt to my trading.

William Z | Sydney

It was indeed an inter-culturally demanding workshop and I thank you for providing me with such a fruitful and enjoyable weekend.

Some key points from attending FX Trading 101

  • the content of the course is epic, with a well-balanced course structure which covered both technical methodologies and sector knowledge;
  • price is attractive to those people passionate about honing their Forex skills.
  • Adrian and his two guest speakers were impressively experienced with deep insight into the Forex sector

“With 30 years of experience, Adrian will give you the tools and disciplines to think and act like the professionals do. I know. He taught me when I first started trading at a major Bank 15 years ago.”

Tony Butera | Senior Trader, Major Australian Bank

“I have been very fortunate to count Adrian as a mentor and someone who I can always rely on for sound advice on both my career path and the foreign exchange market in general.”

Marcus Mills | Head of FX Spot G10 Trading Asia, Societe Generale (Hong Kong)

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